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Managing money today is more complicated than
ever. This section is loaded with helpful tips and
articles about spending, investing and saving,
making it the perfect place to advertise your
financial solutions and money-saving offers to the
right audience at the right time. Learn more about
this valuable advertising opportunity today when
you contact your sales rep.


January 3, 2018 - PP ; January 5, 2018 - DS | August 1, 2018 - PP ; August 3, 2018 - DS

ADVERTISING DEADLINE December 21, 2017; July 19, 2018

$20 PCI $12 DS, $8 PP

plus online Each package includes medium
rectangle impressions - $28/cpm
Add color: $4 pci (ads up to 62”)
$1.15 pci (ads 63” and more)
Add color to Penny Press: $2.09 pci

Advertising Option


Your advertising can be repeated in the
Daily Sun on any date you select through
January 29th (for January publication)
and August 27th (for August publication)
at a reduction of 50% OFF Rate Card.

110 S. 6th, Beatrice (402) 223-5233/1-800-666-5233 |


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