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A better way to modernize your kitchen at a price you can afford!
Menards® has launched a Cabinetry line that has the industry talking! You want in on the secret?
A New Kitchen Cabinet

That’s the best way to summarize the
magic that is Klëarvūe Cabinetry®.
Klear- what? Klëarvūe (pronounced
Clear View) is a cabinetry brand
available exclusively through Menards®
that offers the look and feel of custom
cabinetry while being affordable.
You may find yourself saying- I don’t
understand; there’s a catch, tell me

So, What Makes Klëarvūe
Better? Klëarvūe Cabinetry® was

created around full-access cabinet
construction. Traditionally a
Scandinavian way of manufacturing
cabinets - it is growing in popularity
throughout the Midwest. Full-access
cabinetry eliminates the bulky face
frame one would typically see around
a cabinet box.
Klëarvue (Full-Access)

Simply Clean, Classic and Timeless. This kitchen features: soft close doors and drawers,
pull-out trash cabinet and more! In the time it would take for custom cabinetry to arrive on
site, this family was already settled in and starting the next chapter of their home remodel.
This cabinet shown in: Strömma® White finish.
spouse on which cabinet would suit
your layout best, spend a considerable
amount of money and then wait up
to 4 weeks (sometimes longer) for
your cabinet order to arrive. Then you
have to have your cabinets installed.

Old-Fashioned (Framed)

Change configurations years down the roadroad- Yourself!

Save your marriage or at least

It allows you to have more versatility
of the cabinet configurations which
feature doors, drawers and pull out
interiors. With traditional framed
cabinetry, you have to remove doors
and drawers from your kitchen
cabinets in order to install them. Not
with Klëarvūe. You will install the
factory assembled cabinet boxes first,
then add in your door and drawer
fronts- talk about a time saver!

Your Time Is Precious.

Almost half of consumers will choose
to go with a custom cabinetry of some
sort. You will spend your time working
with a designer, arguing with your

◊ Deeper Wall Cabinets.
16.5% more storage space than
traditional framed cabinetry. Easily
fits all of your dishes!

the added stress and choose Klëarvūe
Cabinetry®. Cut out weeks of stress
on a tore up remodel. Klëarvūe is a
cabinetry line that you can take home
in just 1 week or less!
Klëarvūe offers 38 different cabinet
Year 1:
Year 3:
Year 6:
box sizes that are available in multiple
Door with Shelves
Pull Out with Interior Drawer
Two Drawers
heights and widths. When combined
with door and drawer fronts, you
“Traditional kitchen cabinets were too
can create over 250 different cabinet
expensive so we went with Klearvue
configurations. Think of Klëarvūe as
for less than ½ the cost!”
adult building blocks, meaning pieces
are combined together to create one
- Kim, Baraboo, WI
cabinet configuration. Klëarvūe offers
7 cabinet front finishes that are sure to more drawers for your kitchen - no
Design Your Dream Kitchen
fit any design that you are working on. worries! With Klëarvūe's component
Today! Klëarvūe Cabinetry® is giving
based system, you can change a
you the opportunity to become the
Forever Flexible
door configuration to a drawer
to Suit Your Needs! Guess what? configuration with just a Phillips head designer of your cabinetry layout.
We’ve spent Millions in creating a Free
If you find out 5 years down the road
Online Cabinetry Designer so you can
that you wish you would have added
measure, plan and purchase from the
comfort of your own home! To access
this program simply go to
and keyword search “u create” and get
started today! Have questions as you’re
designing? There is an online chat with
real people to help you along the way!

Changes Made Easy.
Doors and drawer fronts pop on
and off quickly if you ever want to
change your kitchen’s look!

◊ Soft Close Everything.
Klëarvue features standard soft
close doors and drawers for a
silent shut.

Follow us on Instagram or visit the
Klëarvūe Cabinetry® website for helpful
installation videos, installation guides,
inspirational imagery and more!

What are some more secrets and benefits that Klëarvue Cabinetry® has to offer?


Ola ite
ö M

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® Tea


y® O

Factory-Assembled Boxes

Wall & base cabinet boxes come
assembled, allowing you to install
your cabinetry faster.

Variety of Styles

7 front finishes sure to fit any design from classic to contemporary.

Tesla Style Doors

Create a modern twist with your
cabinets and make storage fun with
horizontal lift-up hinges.

Is Your Floor Uneven?

Klëarvue features easily adjustable
legs to make leveling easy!

No More Digging

Deep & full-width storage drawers
create the perfect way to store your
pots and pans.

A $70.89 Value!

With the purchase of
$1500 or more
of Klëarvue Cabinetry®
• 36”W x 24”D x 30”H


Valid through 1/6/18. Offer is for 478-0074 36” base cabinet only, no substitutions.
Doors, drawers, sink, faucet and other shown accessories are not included in offer.
Coupon must be presented at the time of purchase. Not valid with any other offers.
Void if transferred or sold through online auctions.

Klëarvue Cabinetry® Available Exclusively At

Redeem in store or on MENARDS.COM®
Enter promo code: FREEKLEARVUE at checkout!

For more information, visit


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