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Evaluating Your Senior Living Options


We’ve been touring senior living
communities with Dad. He’s finally ready
to make a move, but we’re not sure where. How
can I make the most out of these tours to know
we’re making the best decision?


If finding the right senior living community seems
like a daunting task – that’s because it is. Senior
living is confusing at best, but it doesn’t have to be. With
the right tools, you can narrow your choices and find the
new home that’s the best fit for Dad.
Go ahead, ask questions. Not just the questions about
what the food is like (although, that’s important, too),
but the hard questions like, “How do you reinvest your
profits?” Why? Because whether profits go into the pockets
of shareholders, or into making resident life better…that,
says a whole lot about a community.
Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. The answers
will help you make the right decision. The following
questions will help you get started asking and
getting answers.
• What percentage of your income beyond expenses gets
reinvested into activity/community improvements?
• What happens if Dad outlives his resources?
• What is your mission?
• What is your resident satisfaction level?

senior living care and services. Because commitment to seniors
and service to a mission means more than the bottom line.
With a full range of care options and the full continuum of care,
The Landing marries mission with expertise and elegance.
Schedule a tour with an Immanuel senior living consultant today
at 402.328.2223 or at

Go Ahead.


When it comes to senior living, the differences between
non-profits and for-profits may be hard to see. However,
it’s how you feel about the differences that matter.
By asking, “What is your staff to resident ratio?” and
“What percentage of your income gets reinvested into
improvements?”, you can gain better understanding.
Get Your Free Non-Profit vs.
For-Profit Comparison Guid

• How will you address Dad’s care if it changes?
• How do you measure quality?
Asking the tough questions will provide you the answers
you need to find the right direction for Dad. Need more
help? Discover more need-to-ask questions and how a
not-for-profit senior living community puts residents first
by downloading Immanuel’s Non-Profit vs. For-Profit
Comparison Guide at
Immanuel’s The Landing at Williamsburg Village
has and always will be a not-for-profit provider of

The Landing at
Williamsburg Village



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