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Make Your Laundry Room an Oasis


obody dreams of spending hours working in their
laundry room, yet we all end up doing it anyway.
Luckily there are some simple ways to enjoy that time
in the laundry room just a little bit more.
• Spruce it up.
Large, glass drink jugs make an adorable holder for
detergent, and the spout is perfect for mess free
• Store it High.
Install some home improvement store racks on the
walls and keep them stocked with laundry baskets.
Laundry is always better when you’re not tripping
over clothes piles.
• Double Your Storage.
Laundry organizers can be found just about
anywhere. Buy one with wheels and slide it under
your wall racks. Roll it through the house to pick
up dirty laundry, and use the individualized bins to
sort as you go.

• Make Ironing a Breeze.
If you’re still practicing the art of ironing, hang an
ironing board rack on the wall or the back of your
door. You can also place aluminum foil under the
lining of your board. The heat it absorbs makes
ironing quicker and reduces the need for shirt
• A Greener Dryer Sheet
Nobody is going to give up dryer sheets, but doing
just a few loads of laundry a week adds up in waste
and cost. Instead, roll up a ball of aluminum foil. It
works great for removing static cling, and you can
use it countless times!
• Better Than Laundry
Want to do something other than laundry in your
laundry room? Put a load of Legos in a mesh bag
and watch them come out brand new. This works
great for cleaning up grime or getting old Legos
ready for a garage sale. Put the bag to even more
use by filling it with socks and stop wondering
where that missing sock always goes.

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