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Christy Loos

Pounds lost this week: 2


That's the word that best describes me after this past week of work outs. But that's not the only word that describes me. Here's another one:


Not as strong as I hope to be by the end of this challenge, but a lot stronger than I was when I first started this thing. And for that, I am very grateful.

I can feel myself making steady progress. And it's this kind of slow and steady progress that I hope to maintain throughout these next few months and beyond.

I am proud to say that in such a short time, I've already lost 3% of my excess body fat and am down another 2 pounds this week. I can even start to see positive changes in my appearance and in how my clothes fit.

It's very encouraging and gives me the motivation to continue on my journey.

Is it easy? No.

Is it fun? Sometimes.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.


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