Another week is gone and I can't believe how fast they are passing! Bryan has used several methods to measure our progress, but the best one is the timed half mile!

We did this yesterday for the second time and I'm proud to say I've trimmed 40 seconds off my original time! I'm nowhere near a running pace, but leaps and bounds from where I started!

We've continued on our no sugar challenge and I may have to admit that it's making a difference! I dropped 2 pounds this week! It seems near impossible to cut out sugar entirely, but we've cut down drastically. As usual, Patrick is a rock star at this and aims to stay under 10 grams of sugar; I'm lucky if I can keep it under 20.

The big thing I want to say is Bryan's plan for us is not some drastic plan, but things that we incorporate into our daily life for the long haul. Don't say diet, it's a healthy lifestyle. I may never be small enough to even be on the fat side of chubby, but I know I'm more healthy than I was even when I weighed less - and that was most likely back in college!