Pounds lost this week: 5

Monday: After a pretty active weekend for me (gym on Saturday, and 13k steps and 32 floors from a photobooth gig on Sunday) I was pumped for another good workout on Monday, and Bryan didn’t disappoint. I am really enjoying learning all the different exercises that we are doing. It is nice not to have to do the same thing over and over.

Wednesday: I’d like to think that I am starting to recover from these workouts a little faster than even last week, but man, Wednesday was tough. I thought Bryan was in a bad mood and was taking it out on me! And, I know someone else who thought the same thing! He had me doing some familiar stuff but added some weight, added some reps, or both. That was honestly my first “butt-kicking” Bryan has given me! At about the point of walking out of the gym, I completely dreaded Thursday's session!

Thursday: Cardio day, the worst day, is upon me! I walked in the gym quietly and stepped on a treadmill hoping Bryan wouldn’t know I was there and forget about me. That didn’t happen. Treadmill walking, then jogging, then walking, then jogging, the stupid elliptical, planking, medicine ball tosses, the elliptical again, treadmill walking with incline, jogging, walking, 45 minutes of hell! I walked out that day trying to hold my head high--it’s all for the best. It will get better, look how far I have come already!

Even though we are only through week two of 13, it is encouraging that I have to work harder than last week to be just as tired and just as sore. So that really makes me want to see what next week is like.

It is working, keep that in your head. Little by little, this will make a huge change!