Pounds lost this week: 3

Total pounds lost: 16.5

Had another real good week of workouts. I have been getting to the gym five days a week, with Wednesdays and Saturdays off, that seems to be working well with my schedule.

I have also been doing a much better job of keeping my sugars down this week. With me keeping my sugars low and proteins up, it showed again on the scale. I was getting a little frustrated with my weigh-ins. My last two weeks on the scale has put my mind in the best place it has been in since the challenge started.

Here's another big thing that has made me feel really good about what I am doing: since being back at DuTeau and being around people I haven't seen in five months, I have been getting quite a few comments about how much different I look.

Every week I write this, I feel like I am just on repeat but I have not felt this good in years! I am always looking forward to the next week and the next.