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I would describe my relationship with my trainer as a love/hate.

He loves to get you sweating and get your heart rate "way up", and I hate it. As the weeks go on yes workouts have gotten easier and made me feel better, but I still haven't come to like the feeling of being hot, sweaty, and out of breath.

Even when in was an active teenager I HATED when my face got beat red and I would "glisten".

Life threw another curve ball this week, unfortunately the crud my son had, has been passed on to me and has decided to make itself at home.

Workouts feel more draining than normal, and some of my medication has made my appetite disappear, causing me to eat maybe one small meal a day. When it came time to do body comp with Tyson my readings showed I had still lost, but some of my other numbers slightly went up or didn't do much of anything.

As much of a downer as this was, it made me more "mad" than anything.

Since Monday I've been trying to power that "anger" into my eating habits, and double my water intake. Even though I had really been watching my nutrition before, I'm making more of an effort now to really watch what I'm fueling my body with. I'm trying get myself back to eating small meals and snacks like I did before getting sick.

I also want to channel this frustration into my workouts ( lord help me) because I know I am capable of so much more. Hopefully this is what's going to push me to up myself that much more.

Wish me luck!


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