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Taylor McCabe

Hectic, emotional, and stressful.

Those three words are what I would use to describe the days that have followed after my last blog.

As I had written before I started a new job in Lincoln. As I had already known, my schedule is completely different than before and really throwing me off my normal routines. To be completely honest I have been to the gym 1 time (maybe 2 I honestly don't remember) since my last blog. That one (or 2) times was on my own, and not at my fullest potential.

With my new, and Tyson's demanding schedules, meeting with each other hasn't fully meshed yet. I'm hopeful that we will find something that works to finish these remaining weeks strong.

Along with my new job we suffered the loss of a family member and close friend. Losing someone is never easy, and with myself being an emotional person, I tend to consume less than ideal foods or beverages during hard times. I do admit that even though I didn't turn back to my old ways, I didn't make the most healthy food choices after these recent events.

Trying to remain as positive as before has been harder than normal for me. I've been spending less time at home with my son, working on getting back into routine, etc, but I still really want to make the most out of my remaining time with the program.

I had my "down time" on myself, and now am ready to try again. Like my mother told me, I haven't lost my motivation, I just temporarily lost my motivation to take the necessary steps that were needed. I am trying to find times to meet with Tyson again, and if I'm not able, then find exercises to do at home or alone.

This is literally "crunch" time, and its time to get my butt back in gear. Oddly enough, I'm looking forward to being quite sore these next few days.


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