zachary bond

Zachary Bond

A Beatrice man was arrested following a high-speed pursuit through Gage County on Thursday.

Zachary T. Bond, 25, appeared in Gage County District Court on Friday morning on a felony charge for operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest. His bond was set at $250,000, due to pending cases of felony child abuse, terroristic threats and felony domestic assault in District Court, as well as a pending case for possession of a controlled substance.

At about 1:20 p.m. on Thursday, State Trooper Aaron Schoen was near Apple Road and South 25th, a county road near Cortland, when he saw a white car that did not stop at a stop sign.

Schoen said he tried to catch up to the vehicle. He clocked the car at more than 70 miles per hour, but it reached speeds of 87 miles per hour on the gravel road. When the white car reached Highway 41, it ran the stop sign and proceeded east at a high rate of speed, Schoen said.

The trooper attempted to stop the white Mitsubishi Lancer, but it did not slow down and topped out at 106 miles per hour on Highway 41, passing other vehicles along the way. The vehicle turned north on Highway 34B and continued at a high rate of speed.

The trooper saw three people in the car, two males in the front seat and a female passenger in the backseat.

The vehicle then went west on Apple Road for one mile, turned north on South 68th Road for a mile and then went east on Gage Road for another mile, Schoen said, all at a high rate of speed. Schoen followed the car as it went north on the 34B spur again and into Firth.

The Mitsubishi was traveling at approximately 50 miles per hour in Firth’s 20 mile per hour zone and ran another stop sign at Third and May streets, the trooper said.

The street came to a dead end and the driver proceeded to drive through yards and into an alley. The trooper reversed and went around the block to the other side of the alley, where the vehicle was seen stuck in a yard.

Both males were still in the vehicle and placed in restraints, but the female passenger fled on food.

A glass pipe was found in the center console during a search of the vehicle, Schoen said.

Bond was lodged in the Gage County Jail and charged with one felony count of operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest and misdemeanor charges of willful reckless driving, careless driving and possession or use of drug paraphernalia.

His bond was set at $250,000, with a $25,000 deposit. Bond is due back in court in March.

According to an arrest warrant from June of 2017, Bond was charged with two counts of child abuse, terroristic threats and third-degree domestic assault, after allegedly having an “explosive” anger episode in which a 1-year-old in the residence started to cry. This allegedly made Bond  even more angry, and he picked the child up and shook her repeatedly.

He then allegedly shoved the child into a woman’s arms and punched the child in the head with a closed fist before punching the woman in the head multiple times and taking her cell phone.

The woman told police that a couple of hours later, Bond got angry again, this time prompting a 3-year-old in the residence to cry. He allegedly began spanking the child, then threw him onto a futon bed. Bond allegedly grabbed a pillow and held it over the 3-year-old’s face.

The woman was able to stop the assault on the child, though Bond then struck her in the head multiple times, the warrant said.


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