On Monday, around 2:15 p.m., the Gage County Sheriff’s Office, Beatrice Police and Beatrice Rural Fire Department responded to a crash on Blue Ridge Drive.

According to authorities, the driver of a GMC SUV was heading north on Blue Ridge Drive, just past SW 32nd Road in Beatrice and crashed upside down into a muddy ditch. Rescuers from Beatrice Rural Fire District used a hydraulic rescue tool to remove the door and extricate the driver—the only occupant of the vehicle—who was mostly uninjured.

“Bumps and bruises,” Gage County Sheriff's deputy John Chavez said. “Nothing severe, nothing life-threatening.”

The driver was still taken by ambulance to Beatrice Community Hospital to get checked out, Chavez said.

As the driver headed north down Blue Ridge, a car coming in the other direction caused the driver of the SUV to turn slightly, Chavez said, The front passenger-side tire dropped off the edge of the road.

“This is a very deep ditch here,” Chavez said, pointing to the muddy channel. “We had a witness that stated they got off the edge there and tried to over-correct it. It did do one end-over-end. Very lucky.”

Imprints in the mud and weeds on the side of the road show tire imprints and the location where the front end of the SUV stuck in the mud before flipping, Chavez said.

The rear gate of the SUV flew open during the crash, leaving suitcases, a cooler and a picture frame in the muddy ditch.

The driver was wearing her seatbelt, which, Chavez said, was a very good thing. The consequences of the crash could have been much worse, he said.

Chavez also said that drivers should take note and proceed down gravel and dirt road with caution in the coming weeks. The roads are dry and dusty, he said, and large vehicles will be heading down them.

“You know how it is,” Chavez said. “Especially with harvest coming up and getting on the side of the road with grain trucks and semis. You can't see a darn thing.”


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