A Blue Springs man who sold methamphetamine to a confidential informant, who he later threatened, entered pleas in multiple cases Wednesday.

Lynn J. Replogle, 42, pleaded guilty to two charges of attempted distribution of a controlled substance as part of a plea agreement.

In a separate case, he pleaded no contest to attempted tampering with a witness.

He will be sentenced on Dec. 20 in both cases.

Gage County Court documents state that last December Replogle was arrested on multiple charges of delivering a controlled substance after a confidential informant made controlled buys of methamphetamine and marijuana from him.

On Dec. 11, Replogle sent the confidential informant a Facebook message indicating he knew the informant was the one who made the controlled buys under the guidance of the Sheriff’s Office.

Gage County Court documents state the informant reported that in late December a window of his residence was damaged, and appeared to have been shot with a shotgun.

It was also reported that the informant had a near altercation with Replogle at a Wymore residence. The two got into an argument and Replogle allegedly made threats toward the informant.

Replogle was contacted by deputies about the altercation, and said that a conversation had occurred at the residence. He told deputies that he questioned the informant about the controlled buys, but dropped the subject after the man said he wasn’t the informant. Replogle was arrested after the interview.

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