Erin Chadwick

Sam Craig Daily Sun staff

On Wednesday, Erin Chadwick, who works as marketing coordinator for NGage, filed to run for the Beatrice Board of Education.

Chadwick has one daughter in the district and another just about to start, she said, and with a new superintendent coming on board in the near future, she thought this would be a good time to get involved.

Chadwick is from Hutchinson, Kan. originally, but said that Beatrice is the place she considers home. She works for NGage and gets a peek behind the scenes of economic growth and said that schools are a big part of an area’s growth.

“My husband and I moved here, we chose to live in Beatrice,” Chadwick said. “We chose to own a business here. I believe in this town and I believe in this community, and I do want what's best for it. I think the school system is absolutely an asset to the community.”

Chadwick said that while the district is facing a tight budget and some contentious issues like elementary restructuring, a big key to making it work is communication.

Whatever the future holds, whether it’s constructing a new school building, which Chadwick said she voted in favor of twice when it was on the ballot, or trying to figure out how to work within the existing buildings, communicating with the parents and the community at large will go a long way, she said.

Since her daughter started in the district two years ago, she said, she’s seen an increase in communication. There are more social media posts from the schools, which is getting a different part of the population engaged and involved, she said.

Before moving to Beatrice, she said that she and her husband looked around at different communities and school districts and eventually decided on Beatrice. Making schools that work well will be a big part of bringing more people to town, she said.

“This is home for me,” Chadwick said. “I'm invested in the community and I think that having that outside perspective might be something I can bring to the table.”


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