Six Beatrice businesses were approved for liquor licenses by the Beatrice City Council on Monday night.

While the recommendations still have to go to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission for final approval, the city council agreed unanimously to send its approval to the state board for four Casey’s General Store locations in town, the Beatrice Pizza Hut and Vintage Venue, which is scheduled to open at the location of the former Radio Shack on Court Street.

The council first approved a Class I liquor license for Vintage Venue, owned by Colleen and John Schoneweis. A Class I licence allows the sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits for consumption on the premises.

Beatrice Police Chief Bruce Lang said the standard liquor license application didn’t show anything that would preclude approval and Beatrice building inspector Rob Mierau said that approving the license wouldn’t lead to any negative effects on the neighborhood.

The board also approved a Class C liquor license for the Beatrice Pizza Hut, which will allow for beer, wine and distilled spirits to be sold for consumption on and off the premises.

Lang gave the department’s recommendation and Mierau said that Pizza Hut was just making an update to their licensure.

“They’ve maintained a liquor license for several years, this is just an upgrade in their license,” Mierau said.

The city council also approved four Class D liquor licenses for all four Casey’s General Store locations in town, which would allow for sales of beer, wine and distilled spirits for consumption off-premises in the original package only.

Mireau said the licenses would not have any foreseen negative impact on the surrounding area, and Lang said the department didn’t find anything that would preclude a license for any of the businesses.

All of the Casey’s locations tend to be referred to by their location in town, and upon discussing the approval of the license for Casey’s North, Lang joked that four Casey’s is enough.

“We've informed them that they can't add any other stores in town because we've got east, west, north and south,” Lang said. “We wouldn't know how to find them. That was a joke.”

All liquor licenses were approved unanimously by the council.


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