Stanard Appraisal Service will again assist Gage County with property valuation protests this year.

The Board of Equalization approved hiring the company for consulting services for Board of Equalization and Tax Equalization and Review Commission appeals.

The contract is at a rate of $95 per hour, and work will be done by Darrel Stanard of the firm.

“Most of what he does is commercial and bigger properties like that,” said County Assessor Patricia Milligan. “We’ve used him for a number of years.”

County Board Chairman Myron Dorn pointed out that this agreement will cover commercial property appeals and is different than the County Assessor’s separate agreement with Stanard for valuations.

“This is above and beyond the contract we have with him otherwise,” Dorn said. “This is for a rate of $95 per hour… This is whatever we have as a commercial protest. The committee decides to have him go out and review that, look it or check it out. This is the rate for that.”

Gage County last approved an agreement with Darrel Stanard as an appraiser consultant for Gage County last October. The agreement for valuing commercial properties is approved each year and Standard has been consulting for Gage County nearly a decade.

In October, Stanard was contracted to work 58 days in Gage County at a rate of $95 per hour, compared to the previous $89 per hour, which was the rate for around five years prior.

Even with modern technology and practices, Milligan said in some instances assessors need to physically visit a property to get a complete picture of its valuation.

“Right now we’ve been talking to a few farmers, but we haven’t had a lot of calls from really anybody,” she said. “The thing that’s probably the most troublesome even with my Pictometry and the GIS I can’t always tell conditions of the buildings. Some of those we may have to go out and check.”

Similar in some ways to Google Earth, Pictometry is a mapping service that features two aerial mappings of Gage County three years apart and can help spot changes in the county.

It can also provide a three-dimensional look at buildings in the county, at a cost of $32,480 per year for six years.

Searches within the program are more accurate than Google’s free counterpart. It also provides a 3D view of buildings and allow specific measurements, with images of a greater detail.

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