Two rural businesses were granted special use permits Wednesday to operate in Gage County.

The County Board of Supervisors approved the two permits at its regular meeting this week, one for a livestock facility near Southwest 75th and Linden roads, roughly five miles southwest of Beatrice.

Shane Meyer with Plymouth Ag Group addressed the County Board regarding the permit, which will add a fourth building to the site.

“It gives ability to wean our pigs a week older,” he said. “Basically, the pigs that we have in the facility will stay one week longer before they’re weaned. The reason we’re doing that is because of federal and state restrictions on antibiotic use, things that we know are coming in the future… We’re going to be very restricted on what we can use in our feed as far as medicine to treat pigs going forward.”

Meyer added the organization talked to as many neighbors in the area as it could to inform them of the plans, and those neighbors they couldn’t reach were approached at a recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting regarding the permit.

“Something that we know in the livestock industry is that we have to be more proactive and so, going forward, we know we’ve got to do that more and keep everyone in the neighborhood happy,” he said.

County Board member Gary Lytle stressed that open communication with neighbors makes the permitting process much smoother.

“Thanks for going through the process of communicating with the neighbors and letting them know what’s going on and everything,” he said. “I appreciate that. We found here in the not so distant past that it really does help.”

The second permit approved by the County Board was for the expansion of a home daycare near Adams.

Krisandra Shields applied for the permit for the daycare on East Buckeye Road, around six miles west of Adams.

Both permits were approved by the County Board unanimously.

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