Buss Stop (copy)

Gage County announced plans to purchase Buss Stop in Beatrice last month. On Wednesday, the County Board approved an agreement to also purchase the lot next to it.

Gage County is acquiring more property in Beatrice that will likely be used by the sheriff’s office or jail.

Last month, plans were announced to buy the Buss Stop filling station next to the jail.

The County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved that agreement to buy the land and building at 620 N. Sixth St., directly north of the jail, for $250,000.

On Wednesday, the county voted to purchase the lot with a small residence next to Buss Stop for $65,000.

“There’s a little house there right to the east of the Buss Stop,” said board Chairman Myron Dorn. “The owners approached (the county attorney’s office) and wanted to know if the county would also be interested in that property.”

The property, being sold by James Earnhart, has an appraised value of $63,760.

County officials have stated there are no definite plans for the property, other than stressing it’s not being purchased with a new jail in mind.

One thing that has been discussed is the need for additional evidence storage as the result of a space shortage in the current sheriff’s office.

It’s also possible that the county could use the station’s fuel tanks for sheriff’s department vehicles, which are currently filling up at the highway department.

“We will first want to know what condition they’re in,” Dorn said. “That was part of the agreement, that we get a report on the condition of all of that. Then that does open up the possibilities of using them and that decision hasn’t been made.”

Regarding Wednesday’s purchase, which will likely close later this month, possibilities range from making use of the residence to using the lot for parking.

“There’s been discussion about demolishing it and putting in a parking lot or other future plans, but no decisions are made right now,” Dorn said. “There’s been a lot of discussions about what to do with it, but no decisions made.”

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