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Beatrice Police arrested a man on Friday after an AR15 rifle and CO2 pistol were stolen from a Beatrice home.

Chance A. Thigpen, 19, was arrested on Friday for burglary.

Friday morning at 2:31 a.m., a Beatrice resident reported a burglary at his Mary Street home.

The victim said he was in the bathroom when he heard a noise and saw two subjects in his garage, police said. He ran to the front door and saw that his AR15 was missing from the couch in his living room and a CO2 gun missing from his garage.

Police say the victim chased the subjects and caught up with them while they were getting into a dark colored Mercury or Ford SUV and was able to get a partial plate number.

One of the responding police officers remembered a car that matched the description at a Paddock Street home in Beatrice.

Police went to the address and saw the vehicle, a green Mercury Mountaineer, parked behind the residence and saw a male subject run from the backyard.

The owner of the vehicle was contacted and said that she had loaned the vehicle to three men she knew, police said. Police spoke with the homeowner and said that Thigpen was in the basement of the home.

Thigpen came upstairs and told police that he went with three men to break into a house, police said. Thigpen then told police that he had a CO2 pistol from the garage of the house. Police asked Thigpen to retrieve the gun and asked him if he would go to the police department with them.

Thigpen agreed to go to the station, and while getting dressed, police obtained permission from the homeowner to search the backyard, which she agreed to. Police located the AR15 rifle in the bushes in the southeast corner of the backyard.

Thigpen was read his Miranda warning, police said, and agreed to speak with police.

Thigpen told police that he went to the house that one of the alleged accomplices wanted to rob. His job, he told police, was to check the front door and be a lookout.

Thigpen told police that he was then called to the garage and handed the CO2 pistol by another alleged accomplice.

Thigpen said that the homeowner was awake and chased the four back to the car and they fled the scene.

As of Friday evening, Thigpen was the only arrest made in the burglary.


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