A Beatrice man was arrested Sunday for attempted murder after allegedly threatening to kill a woman.

George W. Oakes, 46, was arrested after the victim’s father called police to report an assault.

The victim told police that Oakes threw her across a couch and held her face down into a cushion, screaming at her. According to Gage County Court documents, the victim said that after around 15 seconds, he let go and allegedly said he was going to get a knife and kill her.

Oakes allegedly ripped the cord of a heating pad the victim had been using from an outlet and wrapped it around the victim's neck while sitting on her chest.

Court documents state he pulled the cord until the victim blacked out. He then questioned the victim and twisted her head if he believed she was lying to him.

The victim tried to escape, but was allegedly dragged back to the basement by her arm.

Documents state the two stayed up through the night and Oakes eventually calmed down. He drove the victim to see her father, and when they were alone, the victim asked him to call police for her.

Police noted bruising around the victim's entire neck, ligature marks around her neck, bruising on her left arm, red marks on her right arm and bruising on her buttocks.

She complained about pain to her entire back and stomach, neck and arms, and that it was difficult to swallow.

When interviewed, Oakes allegedly told police they were watching television the night before and the victim was talking about leaving him.

Oakes told police that he got upset, grabbed the heating pad the woman was using and attempted to strangle her with it.

When the victim attempted to flee outside, he allegedly grabbed her and dragged her to the basement. She fell on the bottom step.

Oakes was arrested for second-degree attempted murder, second-degree domestic assault, terroristic threats, use of a weapon to commit a felony, false imprisonment and strangulation.

His bond was set at $10,000, with a 10 percent deposit in County Court. His next hearing date is Jan. 30.