A Beatrice resident called the Gage County Sheriff’s Office and spoke with an investigator to report that he was contacted by a person from a “payday” loan company wanting to collect on a loan from 2012.

The resident stated he had never taken out that type of loan, but was concerned because the caller had extensive information on his background, personal information, and referred to people he knew, including a fellow employee from 1991 who he had incidental contact with back then, but has not spoken with in 26 years.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, the investigator confirmed the resident had not taken out a loan and had not provided any additional personal, confidential, or financial information to the suspect. The caller was advised to check his bank and credit accounts and to monitor his mail for any fraudulent accounts that may have been opened in his name.

It is unknown how this suspect obtained extensive information on the resident, but it is suspected that it is related to data breaches from a national company and is not related to any actual loan or loan application, the press release stated. The Beatrice Police Department was notified of the report to the sheriff’s office.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call, or any attempt to fraudulently obtain money or other items of value, should contact their local police department or the Gage County Sheriff’s Office and request to speak with an investigator. If the situation is urgent, request to speak with any on-duty deputy.



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