Charges have been filed against a man accused of assaulting a deputy during the Gage County Fair.

Daniel L. Helmink, 42, is charged with first-degree assault on an officer, assault on an officer with infected bodily fluids, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

On Thursday, July 27, Gage County deputies responded to reports an intoxicated man in the beer garden at the Gage County Fair.

Gage County Court documents state that Helmink was belligerent and extremely intoxicated, and he had difficulty standing or walking.

Helmink was allegedly combative with deputies while being escorted out of the beer garden. He was handcuffed and taken to the command center at the fair. Once there, he called for a ride and waited for someone to arrive.

He was released to the woman who came to give him a ride and the handcuffs were removed. While driving away, Helmink allegedly rolled down a window of the car and shouted cuss words at a deputy and began punching the dashboard.

The driver stopped and asked deputies to take Helmink back before he damaged her vehicle.

When deputies attempted to remove him, court documents state he continually pulled away and resisted arrest. He spit on one deputy in the face and was put in a patrol vehicle.

Court documents state Helmink later made statements that he has a disease.

During a search, deputies found a cigarette box in Helmink’s back pocket that contained a marijuana cigarette.

Documents state Helmink became more aggressive and was taken to the ground so deputies could place leg irons on his ankles.

Helmink was taken to a Lincoln detox center. While en route, he allegedly kicked the transport cage and banged his head on the walls multiple times, while also threatening to kick out the windows if the deputy didn’t pull the vehicle over.

He kicked the window protector, but didn’t cause damage.

His next hearing is set for Sept. 8.



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