A Beatrice man with a history of driving with a revoked license was sentenced to prison Thursday in Gage County District Court.

Robert A. Hagemeier, 65, was sentenced to 8-12 years in prison by Judge Julie Smith for driving while his license was revoked from a DUI.

The charge was classified as a class 2A felony because Hagemeier has multiple other convictions for driving after his license was revoked for 15 years due to driving under the influence.

A second charge of leaving the scene of an accident, a class 2 misdemeanor, was previously dismissed.

Hagemeier was arrested in May after reports that a Chevrolet Blazer had hit barricades near Sixth Street and Industrial Row and left without stopping.

A deputy followed the vehicle and contacted the driver, identified as Hagemeier.

According to court documents, he did not appear to be under the influence and told the deputy he had dozed off.

Hagemeier was also sentenced in another case Thursday to two years in prison for attempted distribution of a controlled substance and one year in prison for possession of a controlled substance. Sentencings in the two cases are to be served concurrently, totaling an 8-12 year sentence.

He was arrested in that case in June after police were called to investigate possible drug activity.

Police contacted Hagemeier, who was outside at the location. Hagemeier declined to let the officer search him.

He then proceeded to work on a vehicle, court documents state, and the officer saw him drop a black container and kick it toward a storm drain.

The container was found to have methamphetamine inside, and he was holding a baggie of marijuana which he said he obtained for distribution.



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