A man arrested in 2015 after a grow house was discovered in Blue Springs was sentenced to prison Thursday in Gage County District Court.

William J. Harvey, 55, was sentenced to three to five years in prison for a reduced charge of attempted manufacturing of marijuana and up to five years for possession of THC. The two sentences will run concurrent, totaling a three to five year sentence.

Six other charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement, in which a prison sentence was recommended. Marijuana plants were discovered in Harvey’s Blue Springs residence when officers went to the home looking for another man with an active arrest warrant.

Authorities circled the residence – which is across the street from Southern Elementary School in Blue Springs – looking in windows for the suspect, when they observed a marijuana plant in plain sight. Above the plant was a fluorescent light.

Deputies believed they saw the man with an active warrant inside the residence. While standing at the front door, deputies also saw a metal marijuana pipe on a coffee table in the living room.

After obtaining a search warrant, deputies found multiple actively growing marijuana plants inside flower pots, a fluorescent heating lamp, numerous empty plastic baggies, empty glass jars with marijuana residue, numerous marijuana seeds, hand tools for cultivation, jars of water, plant food and root stimulant. Deputies also allegedly located dried marijuana, water bongs, an Oxycodone pill, a Lorazepam pill, five Lyrica pills and 15 pills of Codeine. $170 was located in Harvey’s wallet and was seized as evidence.



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