A Beatrice woman was sentenced to a term of probation for drug charges Friday, despite concerns from the judge and prosecutors if she will follow through with probation requirements.

Amber D. Pedersen, 26, was sentenced by Judge Rick Schreiner to 36 months of probation for two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

One of the two charges was reduced from drug distribution.

Schreiner said Pedersen had failed to meet with probation officers in the past, which wasn’t reassuring that she can successfully complete a term of probation.

“You sit there with a smile on your face telling me that you don’t think prison would do anything for you, but you’ve done nothing for me,” he said. “I’ve asked you to meet with the probation office. You’ve been ordered to do so twice. You tell me you want probation, but you’re not even willing to meet with them.”

The possession charges were each class 4 felonies, and Schreiner said the legislature has determined that class 4 felonies should come with a presumption of probation, unless certain stipulations are met.

“I don’t know that the legislature took into consideration somebody in your circumstances who refused to meet with probation when they tell me I have to put somebody on probation,” Schreiner said.

Pedersen was arrested last September following an investigation by Beatrice police.

Confidential informants told officers she was selling methamphetamine.

Officers approached her as she was exiting her vehicle at the Gage County Courthouse, and she said she had something on her.

Court documents state Pedersen pulled two baggies out of her bra containing a total of 8.4 grams of methamphetamine.

Syringes, scales, cash and more drugs were found inside the vehicle.

Pedersen also appeared in Gage County Court Friday in a separate case in which she is charged with distribution of methamphetamine.

In April 2016 a Nebraska State Patrol confidential informant was proved with $100 in undercover drug funds. The funds were used to purchase methamphetamine form Pedersen.

That case was continued to April 27.



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