Beatrice police are searching for two people accused of stealing copper wire, most of which was later returned to the victim.

Surveillance cameras caught two people, a man and a woman, stealing around 350 pounds of cord and wires from Rewound Motorsports on East Court Street at around 9 p.m. Saturday.

“The suspects came west down the alley from Hayes Street,” said Beatrice police officer Kris Gill. “They went around the building and backed up to an open fence area. A male gets out of the driver’s seat and a female gets out of the passenger’s seat. You can see they start throwing these cords into the back of a vehicle and they took off.”

The victim contacted police, who posted images from the cameras, including a photo of the small SUV the couple drove, on social media.

Gill said the victim contacted police Monday morning to say that a bag with some of the stolen wire was dumped at the business. The bag contained around 200 pounds of wire.

The total 350 pounds taken was valued at around $245.

Gill said the offense is a misdemeanor charge, and the case is under investigation.

She added it’s an example of social media helping law enforcement spread the word and close cases.

“I love how the community gets involved and engaged in it,” Gill said. “We have cleared a lot of cases this way and I’m pretty happy about that. I know the victims are happy about that, too.”

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