Dwight Parde

Sam Craig Daily Sun staff

Beatrice City Council member Dwight Parde has filed to seek another term on the council.

Parde, currently in his fourth term on the city council, will run again for council member for Beatrice’s Ward 3, saying there’s more work to be done.

There’s the issue of the fire station, Parde said, a conversation which started 10 or 15 years ago and is picking up steam again. The building could be completely replaced or the existing one may simply be refurbished, Parde said, either way, there’s a big push to see the project completed.

Parde also said that with the help of Abigail Stark, the city’s new legal assistant, the council is working on updating civil codes to clean up the commercial areas of town. He also sees work on the landfill becoming an issue over the course of the next four years.

Before being elected to the city council, Parde said that the city hadn’t done too much with tax increment financing, something that, in recent years, has helped to develop parts of the city.

“There's a lot of discussion whether it's good or bad, because you do postpone the taxes, but you're getting stuff built on areas that wouldn't have much at all if any taxable income,” Parde said. “So why not have something there good and have it eventually come back on the tax roll? That's a lot of the city right now, a lot of different areas we have developing.”

Parde was born in Beatrice, and outside of a few years living in DeWitt, he’s been a resident of town and has worked at the Beatrice State Developmental Center for 37 years in multiple capacities.

Being on city council has been an illuminating experience, Parde said, especially when he speaks with people on the outside of city politics and he is able to explain why certain projects are tenable or not.

“The great part is, you have a lot of support staff,” he said. “It's great working with the city administrator, the city attorney, the department heads are all real great to work with.”


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