Gage County officials are preparing to set wages for elected county positions beginning in 2019.

The Gage County Board of Supervisors approves wages for elected offices, including the supervisors, themselves, every four years.

Wages for 2018 were already set, and the board is now considering wages for 2019-2023.

The County Board didn’t discuss a specific proposal for wages, but board chairman Myron Dorn said they will likely be set at the county’s next regular meeting.

“The state says this has to be approved by Jan. 15, 2018,” he said. “We only have one more meeting, which is Jan. 3, between now and Jan. 15. If we don’t approve it at the next meeting, whatever we’re going to set the salaries at for the four years, they would be elected in, we’d have to have a special meeting to get it done.”

In 2018, current County Board members will be paid $23,635 per year, except for the board chairman, who receives an extra $100 per month, totaling $24,835.

The Gage County assessor, clerk, clerk of the district court, register of deeds and treasurer are each compensated $58,939 per year. The Gage County sheriff receives $73,175 annually, and the county attorney is compensated $88,403.

Wages of county board members will also be discussed, and County Attorney Roger Harris warned the board to keep in mind that it is setting wages for the next four years.

“Look at what your compatriots are across the state and what your responsibilities are,” Harris said. “A lot of times, elected officials will say, 'I’ll just leave it where it’s at.' Pretty soon, you’re way behind the curve. Not to be critical, but it happens so quickly because we’re only doing it every four years.”

Board members representing odd-numbered districts are up for reelection in 2018.

Erich Tiemann and Gary Lytle, of districts 3 and 5, have each filed for reelection. County Board Chairman Myron Dorn, of district 1, announced earlier this year he was seeking the district 30 seat in the Nebraska State legislature.

Terry Jurgens is yet to file for reelection as the district 7 representative. A map of the seven County Board districts can be found online at

County Treasurer Laurie Wollenberg, Sheriff Millard Gustafson, Clerk Dawn Hill, Register of Deeds Donna Remmers Munoz and District Court Clerk Diane Wells have all filed for reelection, while Harris has yet to file for another term as county attorney and Patricia Milligan hasn’t filed for reelection as county assessor.

A part-time position as a county surveyor will also be on the 2018 ballot. As of Wednesday, no challengers have filed for any county seats.

Incumbents seeking reelection have until Feb. 15 to file, while the deadline for non-incumbent filings is March 1.

Dorn added that part of the reason wages have to be approved in early January is so people considering running for an office know what salary the position comes with.

“The last we set were four years ago, and we have to set four years again,” Dorn said. “This is partially so that, as people file for election, they know what the salary will be during their term while they’re in office.”

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