Salvation Army Lt. Joseph Irvine shakes hands with Neapco's Robert Rathman after receiving a $2,000 donation from the company.

Sam Craig Daily Sun staff

On Tuesday, the Salvation Army received a $2,000 donation to help maintain its Beatrice facility.

Neapco, which manufactures driveline components in Beatrice, handed a check for $2,000 to the Salvation Army as a part of their 5S Workplace program.

Standing for sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain, the 5S program is topped off each year with the 5S Excellence of the Year Award that gives employees who win the award the chance to donate to the charity of their choice.

“They call it the U-joint ranch,” manager Tim Fralin said of the winning team. “It's three huge machines that make a lot of large universal joints for vehicles like school buses and semis. It's a hard area to keep clean.”

In the past, winners have given their award winnings to the Veterans Memorial Park, the Gage County chapter of National Suicide Awareness, the Beatrice Community Food Pantry and the Beatrice Humane Society, but this year, the Salvation Army received the donation.

The Salvation Army helps a lot of people, said Randy Kite, who works on the U-joint line. Whether it’s providing holiday meals or other services to help the needy, they’re a necessary part of Beatrice. For Robert Rathman, who works on the same line, it’s a bit more personal.

“Myself, I just thought about my history with them,” he said. “They've always helped me out when I needed help. They'd give you free fans in the summer, food when you're hungry. They'll help you out. You need to do some community service, they'll make it easy on you.”

Salvation Army Lt. Joseph Irvine said that the money will do a lot of good for the community.

The $2,000 check will support the programs they already provide, keep the building running and keep the food pantry boxes full, Irvine said. They’ve also been looking to expand their utility assistance program, he said, and this donation will help a lot.

The first time he’d heard of the Neapco program, which started in 2014, was when he found out they’d won. He’s proud to be among a group of winners that help out Beatrice.

“We're among a good group of people that do a lot of good work,” Irvine said.


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