The American Red Cross Blood Mobile was held at the Holiday Inn Express on Oct. 25-26.

The Red Cross was short on units of blood at this drive, but appreciates those that came out to donate. Thank you to the Sunrise Bakery for the doughnuts and the Merry Moderns Extension Club for the cookies.

Thank you to the following Beatrice High School students who came to help unload and reload equipment: Jamison Theye, Mikayla Bletscher, Dillon Buss, Zack Hoffman, Morgan Fralin, McKenzie Osborne, Wyatt Blum, Christian Borzekofski and Dillon Damme. The students' help is appreciated.

At this drive, there were several people who donated blood for the first time, including: Alicia Ebeling, Genevieve Lenners, Jeffery Schiebur, Leon Peterson, Marilyn Carper, Rex Behrends, Jason Billsback, Karla Bartles, Zoie Allen and Cheza Troxel. The Red Cross hopes that they will become regular donors.

The following donors received gallon pins at this drive.

1 gallon

George Ulrick, Nancy Rudder, Lois Terwilleger, Joseph Irvin and Matt Lottman.

2 gallon

Ann Luers and Tianna Bradley.

3 gallon

Meredith Larkins.

4 gallon

Lois Podendorf.

7 gallon

Mark Adams.

12 gallon

Julia Lenners.

17 gallon

Dixie Johnson and Robert Eddy.

18 gallon

Carolyn Brott.

The next drive will be the Holiday Drive, a one-day drive on Dec. 28 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express.

Please come out and give the gift of life. It is a give that only you can give and will go to save at least three lives.

Visit the website: Fill out the form and bring the emailed confirmation sheet with you to make your donation time go faster.

The Red Cross appreciates all who come and donate and apologizes about some of the wait-times. Workers try to move it along as quickly as possible.

Blood drives would not be successful if not for the many volunteers that come out to help each drive. If you would like to help, please call one of the coordinators.


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