A Lincoln man’s permit to build a home near a hog operation by Adams was recommended for approval by the Gage County Planning and Zoning Commission, despite a neighbor opposing the permit.

A public hearing was held Tuesday evening regarding the permit application of Jacob Unvert to build a residence near a hog operation about two miles north of Adams on West Ash Road.

The proposed site for a residence doesn’t meet setback requirements from a hog operation, and so a special use permit is needed before he can built at the site.

Unvert said he spoke to the farmer with the hog operation, Brian Little, and the two reached an agreement that allows Unvert to build at the location, with the understanding that Little could still expand the farm someday, since it was there first.

“Currently, my building would sit in the setback limit of Brian Little’s hog barns,” Unvert said. “I spoke with Brian Little about me building there and acknowledging the fact that I would be forfeiting my right to restrict him from being within close proximity if he would ever wanted to expand in the future. He’s OK with me living within that half-mile section.”

Another neighbor, however, is not OK with the proposal.

Shad Hemminger, who lives directly west of the proposed site, said he’s worried having a residence in close proximity to his could hurt the property value.

“We bought the house years ago and I’ve added on, updated and remodeled,” he said. “We bought it to have an acreage and beautiful views of the countryside, rolling hills and not live in an acreage development. I’m going to have a house about 400 feet outside of my front picture window. I feel, down the road when I go to sell this, that will directly impact the people looking to purchase it.”

In addition to the concern over property values, Hemminger said the road is already in poor shape, and isn’t safe for his daughters to drive on.

“I have lived there for almost 20 years, and the gravel road that runs along that property already can’t handle traffic that’s on there,” he said. “The county has been working on it for two years, dumping boulders on it after some people to the west of us built two years ago. They cannot get that road under control.”

Unvert purchased the three-acre site in February with the intent of building a residence there.

Myron Dorn, chairman of the County Board of Supervisors and a resident of the area himself, said Unvert has been following procedure since learning the site doesn’t meet setback requirements.

“The hog facility has been there since 1993,” Dorn said. “It’s been there quite a while. It’s a very functional, very good operational hog facility. Jacob got ahold of me and Nancy and we started visiting the setbacks. He Google-Earthed it before we went out and measured, and he’s only about 2,300 feet, not the half-mile away from it.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission has the ability to make a recommendation regarding special use permits to the County Board, the governing body that has authority to approve or deny permits.

Planning and Zoning unanimously recommended the permit 4-0 for approval, and the County Board will hold a hearing at a future meeting regarding the permit.

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