A new exhibition, "American Landscapes: Plein Air Paintings," opened at the Beatrice Public Library on Saturday, Sept. 9.

The exhibit is available during regular library hours and will continue through Sunday, Nov. 19. This is the last exhibit of the year celebrating Nebraska’s sesquicentennial. It includes four painting of Nebraska by artists Robert Gilder, Tom Palmerton, Keith Jacobshagen and Steven Dinsmore. The exhibit is provided courtesy of the Flatwater Folk Art Museum in Brownville.

Plein air painting is the 19th century practice of creating completely finished artwork out-of-doors. The work is inspired directly by the nature the artist observes. During the mid-19th century, the invention of paint in tubes, as well as a portable French box easel, enabled artists to carry their art supplies to outdoor locations.

The resulting field studies were usually spontaneously painted, resulting in fresh, intuitive responses to nature and the ambiance of the outdoor environment.

The exhibition is a collection of thirty small paintings spanning more than 100 years, from 1910 to 2015. Scenes represent various regions and locales in the United States. Among the artists represented in this exhibition are historic works by the California painters Charles Rollo Peters and Xavier Martinez. Other artists include Elsie Howald, Robert A. Graham, Janice Hines and Noe Perez.

For more information about this exhibit, contact the library at 402-223-3584 or visit online at www.beatrice.ne.gov/library.


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