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Beatrice Board of Education member Steve Winter holds an example of the Security First Bank debit card on Monday. Each card ordered would bring $5 to Beatrice Public Schools. 

Sam Craig Daily Sun staff

In the coming months, when you spend some green, you could be helping Orange.

On Monday night, the Beatrice Board of Education discussed the upcoming partnership with Security First Bank of Beatrice that will print the Beatrice High School Orangemen mascot on specially-requested debit cards.

Each card ordered by Security First customers will bring in $5 to Beatrice Public Schools. The cards are a burnt orange color and feature the mascot, as well as the Beatrice Public Schools logo and the phrase “Go Big O!”

This is the first time Beatrice Public Schools will have branding on a bank card, and the partnership will allow BPS to work with a bank that has locations across Nebraska, said Security First’s Verdella Vetrovsky. The card won’t cost anything for customers, but it's unclear how well the card will do.

“This is really new to us as well,” Vetrovsky said. “At Security First Bank, we've been starting to do these mascot cards across the state out west, so we're not sure, either. We're just here to support Beatrice High School, the public schools and see where it goes.”

While they’re still unsure of how many cards will ultimately be issued, Vetrovsky said the goal is to get about 200 of the branded debit cards out the door, which would raise around $1,000 for the schools. With most in-store transactions being conducted with debit cards these days, Vetrovsky said they could be a hit.

John Brazell, director of finance for Beatrice Public Schools said it’s a collaboration between the district, the bank and the community. It also offers a chance to get the district’s logo into wallets.

Beatrice Board of Education President Lisa Pieper asked if the district had a marketing and branding policy and what logo the district is willing to let other companies use for marketing purposes.

Brazell said the district worked closely with the bank to make sure that the logo, mascot and even color scheme was correct on the debit card.

District Superintendent Pat Nauroth asked Vetrovsky if the amount being given back to the district was comparable to other districts who work with Security First Bank.

“No, this is the highest,” Vetrovsky said. “All the others are either none—the high schools are just excited to have it. We've had some that have been $2.50. Chadron State College is doing it. I think that's a lump sum, that's not per card. So, this is probably the highest in what we've done so far.”

While this is the first outing the district has had as far as marketing collaboration with a bank, Brazell said, they’re not averse to considering other deals.

“We think that's a win-win for both the district and for Security First Bank,” Brazell said. “We also would mention to any other bank or financial institution that does debit cards, if they would like to participate in this as well, they could contact the school and for the same agreement for $5 a card, they could use the school district's logo on their debit cards as well.”


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