A Lincoln man was sentenced to spend one year in Gage County Jail after an incident involving a knife earlier this year.

Jeremy J. Ross, 38, was sentenced Wednesday in Gage County District Court for a reduced charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

He was sentenced on the misdemeanor charge after a plea deal was reached with prosecutors, reducing the charge from a felony count of being a felon in possession of a deadly weapon.

The agreement stipulated that prosecutors and defense attorneys would recommend the maximum sentence of one year in jail, which was the sentence handed down.

Ross was one of three people arrested in June after police responded to a disturbance.

The reporting party stated there was a red SUV driving around “like crazy” and chasing a man on foot who was carrying a knife.

Jeremy J. Ross, 38, was identified as the man who was being chased by the pair.

Ross said he was being chased by the people in the red SUV and had a knife for protection against them. He allegedly brandished the knife, which measured four inches long and was considered a concealed weapon due to its length.

Ross was placed under arrest for possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.



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