Doane University's Board of Trustees said it will support the Faculty Council as it seeks to verify claims made in a Tuesday letter signed by 10 faculty calling for a vote of no confidence into President Jacques Carter.

The letter asked the entire faculty of the liberal arts school in Crete for a formal vote stating the faculty did not support Carter's leadership, alleging the seventh-year president had caused "grave concerns about the health and stability of the campus."

In a statement, the Board of Trustees said it had also received a copy of the letter and would wait for the 11-member Faculty Council to conduct an investigation into its allegations.

"The Faculty Council has now taken responsibility for reviewing the contents of the letter and is starting a thoughtful, comprehensive and accurate discussion about it," the statement reads. "The board and the administration are supporting the Faculty Council in establishing the facts and context that are needed for this review."

The group of faculty calling for Carter's removal accused him of failing to follow through on strategic growth initiatives, mismanaging key academic leadership positions and dismissing concerns shared by the Higher Learning Commission, which reviews the university's programs for accreditation purposes.

Doane's entire faculty will meet on Oct. 6 to discuss the letter, but no vote has been scheduled at this time, according to the statement from the trustees.