Adrian Smith must have visited and stepped into something at a cow yard, because I could tell from his recent letter that he was trying to spread what he had been walking on.

He forgot to mention that Trump in his first 100 days told more lies than any other president. Also, most of the 28 bills Trump signed were not particularly significant. Three of them appointed individuals to the Smithsonian board, two named buildings and one was for a memorial location.

Thirteen of the bills were to help special interest groups by reversing Obama-era regulations. Including one in which Trump took away internet privacy laws so that companies can acquire and sell your private online information. And of course, Trump dwells on attention, and signing bills helps get it.

Trump has appointed the richest cabinet in history, which is another record that Smith forgot to mention. And of course, that cabinet was assembled to aid the ultra rich, and many times that legislation harms the average American.

With Smith’s obvious attempts to whitewash Trump’s terrible first 100 days, I wonder if Smith was one of the inept House members who blindly voted for the new Trump health care bill without even reading it.

Here in Nebraska, there is a large amount of rural people who rely on ObamaCare. Of course, if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, then Smith as a congressman can have 72 percent of his own health insurance costs be paid for by taxpayers and also with no pre-existing exclusions. What a man of the people Smith is!

Until now I thought it was neighbor’s dogs leaving a mess on my sidewalk. I guess it was just Adrian Smith. I suppose he had a hard time finding a bag large enough to hold it all.

Mr. Smith, please get hold of me when you get to Beatrice, as I have something in a very large bag to return to you.

-- Larry Kassebaum, Beatrice


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