The truth about Freeman school bond

2012-05-03T08:39:00Z The truth about Freeman school bond Beatrice Daily Sun
May 03, 2012 8:39 am

At a time when real estate taxes are so high, the voters should know all the facts before voting on this school bond. I want to present some facts you might not hear about from those wanting to spend our money.

The Nebraska Department of Education numbers as of this last Friday in September of 2011 showed the following: 393 students from pre-school through 12th grade. 85 of those students opted in from outside districts, leaving only 308 students in our district.

The state pays us about $7,665 per student. Our cost is about $13,381 per student, leaving a loss to you the taxpayers of about $485,860 a year at these figures to have the opted-in students at our school.

Do the math and multiply that number by just 10 years. This doesn't even include the cost of inflation.

The number of opt-in students can change greatly from year to year, so why make expensive additions if there is no guarantee how many students we may have? If student numbers decline, the expense of a bigger facility will remain.

Again, we have the school board bringing back a bond issue very soon after the last bond was defeated. The voters sent them a message at the last vote. Why aren't they respecting those who elected them?

As with most school boards, the fact our current buildings are in good condition is being ignored. If this bond passes, the budget for next y ear will be about $15 million.

Until there is a "real" increase in Freeman District students, this is a huge cost to put on future generations, not only in the construction cost, but the resulting increase in operating costs of maintenance, insurance and added employees.

Vote "No" on the Freeman School Bond issue and give taxpayers a break.

Lenhart Fritzen, Beatrice

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  1. Figaro
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    Figaro - May 03, 2012 3:29 pm
    Farmer, you have just parroted what the admin has said. I just ask that ppl think before they vote. Quality over quantity. Freeman does not have the money or interest to have a string section for the band. Disciplinary problems are ignored. A larger school will not fix the underlying problems in learning and safety.
  2. Farmer
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    Farmer - May 03, 2012 1:12 pm
    As a taxpayer in the Freeman District, we will be voting YES for the proposed bond. The need is there, the cost today, is
    yes, still an increase in our taxpaying dollars BUT minimum compared to the cost of such a project that will eventually need to happen and will only increase in time, and we want to give the children the best education and experience they can have, even if they do "opt" in the district. So again, our vote will be a YES for the Freeman Bond issue.
  3. Figaro
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    Figaro - May 03, 2012 8:59 am
    Freeman tore down the little white building and added on an elementary wing. It's pretty nice. Except you can't breathe in there. The windows do not open and the a/c system seems to be non-existent. The air is always hot and humid. Great place for breeding germs. Fix it first. Then go to the ppl for more changes.
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