Cam Jurgens' future as a Nebraska football player suddenly came into doubt on Nov. 25 when Mike Riley was relieved of his head coaching duties.

The Beatrice senior linebacker and tight end had been committed to the Riley-led Cornhuskers since his freshmen year, but Riley's firing left doubt it Jurgens' mind. It even prompted a visit to LSU two weeks ago.

Then, last Sunday rolled around and Jurgens, along with recruits from all over the country, watched intently as Scott Frost was introduced as Nebraska's next head football coach.

The announcement that NU was bringing home a native son who -- as quarterback -- led them to a national championship in 1997 -- energized the Nebraska fan base.

But Jurgens wasn't quite sold yet. He wanted to hear what Frost had to say. Afterall, he was less than 2-years-old when Frost rumbled over the Peyton Manning-led Tennessee Volunteers in the Orange Bowl.

"Honestly, all I knew about him was the folklore of Nebraska football and people telling me what it was like when (Frost) was here," Jurgens said.

As far as Jurgens is concerned, Frost hit a home run in his introductory press conference. He got a strong sense that Frost didn't just want to talk about the past, but also restore it.

"He not only understands what Nebraska football used to be like, but he also wants to bring it back to that," Jurgens said of Frost. "I'm not sure that was the case with previous coaches. You can really tell the passion that (Frost) has for Nebraska football."

Jurgens was in Lincoln on Monday and dropped by Memorial Stadium to meet his new coach face to face. He was once again re-assured that Frost was committed to restoring Nebraska football to greatness.

And Frost wasn't unfamiliar with Jurgens.

"(Frost) told me he knew about me even while he was at UCF," Jurgens said. "He was super excited to meet me and he reiterated how much Nebraska kids mean to the program. He wants to have homegrown kids leading this program."

So is Jurgens staying in Nebraska?

He said he "really enjoyed" his visit to LSU last week. He loved the atmosphere and the fans and he could see himself fitting in their system well, but he also said Frost has left a good first impression on him

"I can't say there's no doubt that I'm still going to Nebraska, but I'd just like to get to know Frost and the coaches more," Jurgens said. "Like right now, I don't even know who my tight end coach is. Or maybe they'll want me to play defense."

Some of those answers could be coming to Jurgens Tuesday night. Frost and his assistant Barrett Ruud were coming down to his house for a personal visit.

Jurgens is still recovering from an ankle injury he suffered in Beatrice's last regular season game. He said he's doing better, but still has a month and a half on crutches. He hopes to find out more from the doctor on Wednesday.

Whether Jurgens can return in time for the end of the basketball season is still unknown, but unlikely.

"A lot of it just depends on how well my ankle is at that point," Jurgens said. "If it's not to where we want it to be -- I don't want to do something that is going to hurt my future. If I'm not 100 percent sure mentally and physically, I'm not sure I'll want to do it."

He also was hesitant to commit to track and field in the spring, where he would be defending state shot put and discus championships.

"I'm not as passionate about track and field as I am football and basketball," Jurgens said. "So I'm not sure the risk to my future would be worth it."