High-speed Internet
at an affordable price.

A reliable connection to the Internet is important in
today’s world, and Windstream believes everyone
should have access to it. That’s why we offer Lifeline, a
discounted Internet service plan to make basic service
more affordable for qualified customers.
To see if you qualify for Lifeline, call:
Residential customers 1-800-347-1991
Or visit

Lifeline is a government assistance program that is limited to one benefit per household and the service is nontransferrable. Only eligible consumers may enroll in the program. Consumers who willfully make false statements in
order to obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment or can be barred from the program. Low-income
individuals residing on tribal lands may be eligible for additional discounts on these charges and may receive service
for as little as $0.00 per month. Windstream and the Windstream logo are registered service marks of Windstream
Services, LLC © 2018 Windstream Services, LLC. Additional restrictions may apply.


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