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Breaking Down the Misconceptions
about Senior Living


Dad’s active, but his age is causing
us to worry about him living
alone. He’s worried he’ll be bored at a
senior living community. Is there some sort
of middle ground?

A: There are a lot of misconceptions about senior living.
Many people—especially seniors—feel that senior
housing signals a loss of independence. They feel senior
homes are just for the old and frail. But with baby
boomers entering the retirement world, senior living has
changed dramatically, shattering old images of white
walls and bingo and replacing them with environments
that cater to younger, more active lifestyles.

new memories. Ask your dad what’s important in current
lifestyle or what are things that he’s always wanted to do
but hasn’t. Then, match those needs and desires with a
community that also provides you with peace of mind.
As a not-for-profit senior living provider, Immanuel’s
The Landing at Williamsburg Village invests in people,
not profits, spending extra resources on improving
programming for residents. Whether it’s day trips with
Immanuel Explorers, wellness programs or continuing
education, Landing residents are encouraged to build a
lifestyle and home that’s uniquely their own. Schedule a
tour today, 402.328.2223 or at

Independent senior living communities are designed for
retirees looking for maintenance-free
living, with social amenities available
to stay young—body, mind and spirit.
These amenities are important to look
at when choosing the new home that’s
right for your loved one.

Go Ahead. Compare.

Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions
when talking to communities about
their lifestyle programs. How much do
they invest in program enhancements
each year? Do they listen to resident
input in creating social opportunities?
Do they have activities that match
Dad’s interests?
Life doesn’t end with a move to a
senior living community. For many
seniors, that’s where life begins a life with choices, to make new
relationships, new experiences and

When it comes to senior living, the differences may be hard to see.
However, it’s how you feel about the differences that matter.
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The Landing at
Williamsburg Village



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