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Valentine’s Day Celebrate the single life
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you
haven’t yet found your soul mate, this is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with a special treat. Here are a few ways to show yourself
some TLC.
Relax and unwind
Plan a cozy evening in the comfort of your own
home. Sip on a glass of wine, watch your favorite television series or have a long, luxurious
bubble bath. It’s all about you and doing the
things that make you feel amazing.
Treat your taste buds
Not having a date means you get to eat whatever you like, so get cooking and whip up a feast. If
you prefer to avoid the kitchen, call in a caterer
or reserve a seat at your favorite restaurant.

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On Valentine’s Day, some people like to surprise
their loved ones with something totally original, such as organizing a personalized treasure
hunt or composing a sweet song. And others
are ready to shell out huge amounts of money
to please their sweethearts, perhaps on a romantic trip for two or a piece of designer clothing. And then there are those who, year after
year, are filled with anxiety about what to give
their beloved when February 14 rolls around
yet again.

From you to you
Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, a box of
chocolates, a piece of jewelry, a new outfit, a
massage, or any other present that’ll put a smile
on your face. The best part? You know you won’t
be disappointed.
Get together
Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to
remind your loved ones of how much you care.
Invite friends or family members over for dinner and enjoy spending quality time together.
If you have a few unattached friends, you can
even plan a party to celebrate the single life together.
Hit the dance floor
When was the last time you busted a move on
the dance floor? Round up some friends and

There’s no need to panic. You can show your
love for your partner without going to a lot of
trouble, or even to a lot of expense. Some gifts
are always appropriate. Here are 10 classics
that have proven themselves as worthy over
the years.
1. A bouquet of her favorite flowers.
2. Some good quality chocolates (resist the
temptation of sampling some and enjoy them
3. A piece of jewelry that you’ll know she’ll like
and that suits her lifestyle.
4. The perfume she loves so much (or give her
some samples, then buy her the one she likes

hit the clubs. Salsa, swing or freestyle, it doesn’t
matter—it’s all about letting loose and having
5. A romantic dinner at home or at a restaurant, but without the children.
6. A special outing together to a musical, play,
comedy, dance, or opera.
7. A relaxing day for two at a spa.
8. Lingerie (shop together so she can choose
lingerie she feels good in).
9. A basket containing everything you need
for a loving interlude together: massage oil, romantic music, aphrodisiac foods, and candles.
10. A glamour session with a professional photographer.
For maximum effect (and romance), feel free to
personalize your gift by attaching a heartfelt
note. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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