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Awnings can make outdoor spaces more comfortable
Many homeowners are eager
to step outdoors upon the return
of warm weather. Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity as more and more homeowners embrace opportunities
to entertain and lounge around
in their yards.
Outdoor entertaining areas
can be great, but such spaces
may go unused when summer
sun makes it uncomfortable
to spend time outdoors. But a
retractable awning can change
all that. Homeowners often find
awnings can be worthwhile investments that can be beneficial
both inside and outside of the
Increase usable yard space
Awnings can create privacy
and establish boundaries for
outdoor living areas. Place an
awning over a deck, tables and
chairs, or an entire patio area.
Some people like to install
awnings over a portion of their
pools to provide shade for those
who want to escape the sun’s
rays. Motorized awnings can be
retracted with the push of a button, which can help homeowners
with physical limitations.
Protect against sun damage
Awnings provide excellent
protection against sun damage, as they can shield outdoor
furniture from direct sunlight,
helping to reduce the chances
for discoloration or fading.

Reduce air conditioning
In addition to shading outdoor
living areas, smaller awnings
can be placed over southernand western-facing windows,
shielding interiors against the
sun’s rays. In turn, this may
reduce reliance on air conditioners.
Expand gardening
Some plants require very

specific light conditions to grow.
Awnings can protect shade-loving plants from harsh sunlight
and filter the sun for plants that
require indirect light. They can
be placed over a patio container
garden or permanent garden
Add value for buyers
For those who may be selling
their homes soon, awning may
help them receive top dollar.
Today’s buyers want houses that

have attractive and functional
exteriors, and an awning can
provide that competitive advantage over similar homes in the
When renovating outdoor
areas, homeowners should not
overlook awnings that can make
outdoor living spaces more livable.


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