Diller Community Foundation Fund proudly announces that it has successfully raised $212,521, securing a $100,000 matching grant that will increase Diller’s community unrestricted endowment by $312,521.

 Through its affiliation with Nebraska Community Foundation, Diller Community Foundation Fund applied for and was selected by a group of peers hailing from communities across the state to participate in the Rural Development Philanthropy initiative. A 2:1 matching grant was offered by The Sherwood Foundation, an Omaha-based foundation that is promoting equity through social justice initiatives enhancing the quality of life in Nebraska.

 Volunteers of Diller Community Foundation Fund met their ambitious goal through generous donations from individuals and organizations who care deeply about the future of Diller as well as personally meaningful contributions of their own.

 All funds raised through this campaign will benefit the Diller community unrestricted endowment account. Similar to a community savings account, unrestricted endowments are an important tool to keep hometowns across Nebraska growing, thriving and improving for future generations. While Diller Community Foundation Fund grants out a portion of the income earned by the unrestricted endowment each year to fund projects and programs to benefit the community, the principal remains intact and grows forever.

“This challenge has been a great opportunity to build a ‘forever’ gift and a legacy for the Diller community," said Tammy Weers, who served as campaign co-chair with Charlie Barber. "We are excited to be able to give back even more to the community each year from the earnings based on this investment. The unrestricted endowment fund will assure financial support for future generations for projects and programs that, today, we cannot even envision. We are very grateful to all who contributed to make this campaign successful and their support for our community.”

 “The people of Diller reached this impressive goal because they believe in the future of their hometown,” said Jeff Yost, president and CEO of Nebraska Community Foundation. “Greater Nebraska has an abundance of assets and there is so much to be optimistic about. Thanks to the hard work and courage of local volunteers, this community will have the capacity to engage in the kind of high-impact, long-term grantmaking that will attract newcomers and returners to Diller and promote a greater quality of life for all.”

 Dozens of progressive hometowns across Greater Nebraska are building unrestricted community endowments through Nebraska Community Foundation. In fact, of the 75 community unrestricted endowments across the state, 21 currently have balances of over $500,000. Annual payouts from these endowments are being used to further quality of life initiatives – like early childhood development, recreation, arts and culture – that are attracting young families to rural communities.

The Diller Community Foundation Fund connects caring people and a variety of resources with causes that support and maximize our community’s potential.

In 1999, citizens of Diller saw a need to organize the Diller Community Foundation Fund to promote community development. The purpose of the Fund is to encourage, solicit, receive and use charitable gifts to support the current and emerging needs in the community of Diller and its surrounding areas.

Nebraska Community Foundation unleashes abundant local assets, inspires charitable giving and connects ambitious people to build stronger communities and a Greater Nebraska.

 In the last five years, 41,776 contributions have been made to NCF and its affiliated funds. Since 1994, NCF has reinvested $323 million in Nebraska’s people and places. For information, visit NebraskaHometown.org.

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