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Undercover Reporters Accuse Ticketmaster Of Running A Secret Scalping Program

If you’ve ever purchased tickets for a concert, sporting event or show before, you may have noticed they are sometimes pretty hard to get, even just minutes after becoming available. How is it possible that tickets sell out that quickly? Sadly, it’s sometimes because sometimes scammers buy a large number Read more

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Skateboarder Tony Hawk Keeps Tweeting When People Don’t Recognize Him And It’s A Riot

Despite being quite possibly the most well-known professional skateboarder in history, Tony Hawk says he often goes undetected while out and about. In fact, people will recognize his name but not realize they’re speaking to the Tony Hawk. He’s been taking to social media to joke about these encounters, and his thoughts on the Read more

FDA Warning Pet Owners That These Flea And Tick Pills Can Cause Nerve Reactions In Cats And Dogs

If you’re a pet owner and have used any flea or tick medication recently, listen up: The Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert that some pills and chews used to protect dogs and cats against fleas and ticks can cause neurological problems. The alert is for drugs in the Read more

YouTube Has New Parental Controls That Let You Monitor Screen Time

Let’s face it — kids are a lot smarter than some of us give them credit for. My best friend’s son is only 2  years old, but he can navigate my phone better than I could navigate a Tamagotchi when I was 10. He can play music, take selfies and Read more


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It’s Been 40 Years Since ‘Grease’—where Are They Now?

“Grease” first graced the silver screen in the summer of 1978, and it was an instant hit. Beloved by generations over the past 40 years, the movie musical has only grown in popularity. Over the years, “Grease” has returned to theaters multiple times, and it’s still being discovered by kids Read more

Wendy’s Harvest Chicken Salads Are Free With Any Purchase Starting Sept. 22

The official start of fall is upon us, and to celebrate the tastes of the season, Wendy’s has not only created a new salad but is also giving it away for free! The new Wendy’s Harvest Chicken Salad is the fast-food chain’s first-ever fall salad and features seasonal ingredients like brown sugar Read more

There’s A New Host For The Blue’s Clues Reboot

Earlier this year, Nickelodeon announced that they were reviving their popular kids’ show, “Blue’s Clues.” The original series ran on the network from 1996 to 2006 and featured Blue the puppy as she guided kids to solve a daily puzzle based on her paw prints. Her human companion helped out and Read more