Well, this is it folks.

We're finally here. The end of the fitness challenge. The moment we've all worked so very hard for and prayed would come sooner than it did. Although, I must admit, now that it's finally here, it's a bittersweet moment for me.

I have truly appreciated the opportunity to be a participant. I have really enjoyed having a gym membership and trainer these past few months. It's been oh so hard, but oh so good. I'm finally getting to enjoy the fruits of all my labor. I feel so much better on the inside and I'm delighted to see the outward physical changes as well.

The more I think about it all though, the more I realize that it's only the end of the race, not the journey. The journey towards continuing health and wellness is one that will last me my entire life. So, really, this is only the beginning.

One chapter may be coming to a close, but the book is not yet over. There are many more chapters yet to come.

I've really enjoyed sharing this chapter with all of you readers and I will definitely miss it now that it's over. But I'm also looking forward to all the many, wonderful and varied chapters that have yet to be written. I'm sure not all of them will be easy or fun, just like this challenge. But like this challenge, I'm sure they'll be good for me and teach me many valuable life lessons.

So, I guess I'll leave you with this one final thought: be grateful for where you are, push yourself to be where you want to be and remember, with a lot of hard work and determination, the best YOU is yet to come.