Total pounds lost: 15.5

Pct. of starting weight: 7%

It is the final week! It has been quite the journey and looking back at where I was and where I am now has been refreshing. In the beginning there were a lot of mental blocks in the way keeping me from doing the things I used to and being an excuse out of doing them.

Failure has always been a frustration and so the worry of failing at something I used to be able to do easily had kept me from doing them again.

Thankfully, this challenge had the structure that made me accountable for doing things, at the same time having a trainer there in Bryan that took those mental blocks away. For that I will always be thankful that I had a great coach to push me back to where I needed to be and start me back on the journey to getting to where I should be.

Nutrition will still be the thing I have to focus the most on. Making the effort to make the healthy choices instead of the quick easy choices when things get stressful, so that I don’t push myself backwards. It is definitely easier to think healthy first and have those kind of decisions be second nature instead of having to really put the time and research into which of the options are healthier.

Eating simple has always been Bryan’s go to, but I love my sauces and condiments and casseroles! So, learning to moderate how often those get incorporated is going to be the balancing act moving forward.

Workouts as I have always said were always my favorite part of this challenge and continue to be so. This week was definitely more cardio balanced, one I think it was the plan and showing how much I can push myself, two I hurt my arm so had to give it a break too and let it heal up. Thankfully it was just a pull or sprain so just a couple days of not pushing it.

I am slightly anxious about the head to head competition we have this week, I really hate surprises!

Not knowing what we are doing has been a little crazy for sure. I also have had a mini panic realizing that after this week I am on my own and have to keep the accountability on myself. I think I have asked Bryan more questions this week than I did the first 13 weeks. I paid attention to what he was doing, but never thought about the why we were changing the workouts and the effect it had.

I still have to retrain my brain that going hard every time isn’t always going to get the results you want and learning that recovery (especially active recovery) is a good thing. I have always been the person to put everything you have into what you are doing and that has carried over to workouts as well. I need to learn to giving myself breaks and taking it easier is a good thing too.

Thanks to everybody who has supported us throughout the challenge and helped with the accountability as well. I don’t think there was anywhere I went that somebody didn’t have something positive to say and remind me to stay on track.

Even at a family funeral I was reminded of my diet plan. Thank you also goes to Bryan for everything he did and putting up with me for 14 weeks, if anybody is wanting somebody to help get you started on the journey again he has definitely got my recommendation!

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