Total weight loss: 17.5

Pct. of starting weight: 6.5%

Tomorrow will be my last meeting with Bryan for the Fitness Challenge. It will be three months since the challenge began. This has been one of the most rewarding, frustrating, exciting, disappointing and wonderful experiences of my 25 years of life.

I had not expected all the community support. When I am at the grocery store, my bank, any place around town people approach me and say "how is the fitness challenge going," "I have been following you".

Not sure what I expected but it has exceeded anything I had imagined.

First of all it was a lot tougher than I had anticipated, but also a lot of fun. I have learned a lot about myself, I have a very strong sweet tooth, I knew nothing about nutrition. But as the challenge comes to and end, I have come away with a lot of knowledge that will continue to help me on my journey to a healthier Gage.

My goal of lowering my A1C was even better than I thought it would be, now to maintain that.

I have had family and friends join Anytime Fitness since I began, I think my grandma is going to give it a try ( she went as my guest Sunday), she feels since over half of her family is going regularly she has a pretty good chance of going.

I have been planning in my mind how I am going to continue with my workouts and diet changes. I had and opportunity to ride my bike a few times, so appreciate that my vest fits nicer and I feel stronger.

One diet change I am pretty proud of is going from 2 to 3 soda pops a day to an occasional soda. The diet aspect has been the most challenging for me.

I was in worse physical shape than I had realized, but it has been easier to improve. The weight loss has not been as significant as I had hoped for, but I will not give up.

The last three weeks have been challenging for me. I most certainly do have a problem staying within my goals for calories and carbs when making decisions with that menu in my hand.

Last but not least I would like to thank Bryan and Patrick for all of their support and encouragement. My family and friends for joining me in going to the gym and trying to increase my list of go to foods. I have tried lots of new things, some were great, some not so much.

Pretty sure my body went into shock because it has not had this many vegetables in it ever. I do miss fruit juice, but fresh fruit is pretty OK.

This is Gage over and out.

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