Annette Lytle

Annette Lytle flexes for the camera before a workout at Anytime Fitness. 

Being a good mother often means focusing your attention on your child even if it means your own well-being suffers. 

There's no denying that Annette Lytle loves her son, Austin. 

But now that he's in preschool and starting to get a little older Lytle is ready to do something for herself. That means focusing on her fitness. 

"I am wanting to get a jump start back into my fitness goals," Lytle said. "I used to run on a daily basis with my dogs, but after a severe head injury I got out of it and then the fear set in of working out again and losing balance. I would still get light headed from the injury and so was worried of working out at home and going down. Then I had my son and my focus went to him and that fear of the head injury still affecting me has always been there."

It might seem strange, but Lytle said she's looking forward to the workouts. It's the photos and weekly blogs she's most terrified about. 

Meanwhile, she warns that her competitive streak will likely guide her through the challenge. 

"I am super competitive," she notes. "Lately, everything I have done has been at home and there isn’t that accountability there that has let me put it off instead of pushing through. My competitiveness also lead to me only doing the workouts that I was really good at, which just made my weaker aspects weaker. This year not only is my son growing more independent that I feel like I can focus on myself again, but my friend is getting married and I want to enjoy it again instead of nitpicking myself."

Lytle thinks the accountability of participating in the Fitness Challenge will keep her on track.

"The motivation for me is there to make it happen, I enjoy pushing past my limits and working hard for the results."

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