“I’ve always been the chubby girl,” explains Jessica Lyons. “I’ve never really been OK with it. It’s caused me extreme anxiety in lots of situations.”

Understandably, signing up for the Fitness Challenge has created some added anxiety for Jessica, but she’s motivated to deal with it and “do the right thing.”

“When my heart is telling me, 'yes, go for it,' and my body is telling me, 'no,' I figure I’m doing the right thing,” she said.

Jessica has dieted a few times before never had long-term success. She admits she doesn’t really have the knowledge of where to start.

Recently, her husband, Dennis, has been struggling with diabetes and she’s started worrying more about the future.

“I lost both my parents at a young age,” Lyons said. “I miss them so much it hurts, so I can’t imagine my son losing me or his father at a young age. I have so many unanswered questions and wish I could pick up the phone to call them," she said.

"I don’t want my son to have to feel this way anytime soon, so I have to do something about it," Lyons said. What better way but to have thousands of eyes reading about it, right? I’m really thinking it’s time to change some things about my lifestyle, so I can feel better physically and mentally, also.”