Pounds lost this week: +1

Total pounds lost: 12

This week was not so great! It is one of those going in that I am just hoping for flat because I will be legitimately shocked if I lose anything. This week has been extra busy and it has led to some not so great choices.

Over the weekend we got to go to Disney on Ice and so as much fun as we had I was also a little more limited to what I could have there for snacking and drinks. I can be really picky on water and so that didn’t help either. Overall still feeling good and the overall picture is much better than when it started, but this week is a bump in the road.

Nutrition was a killer this week. There was a lot more eating out this week out of convenience. We had been out of town all day Saturday and while you can make smarter decisions while eating out, there is still some downfalls with eating out that didn’t stay in my diet goal.

With the busy weekend it also led to not being able to prep as much for meals during the week. With busy nights and not getting home until late we were grabbing food on the way home instead of being home in time to eat.

Still making better choices when I grab something to eat, but it didn’t hit the macros or the diet goal like last week. Still focusing on getting at least one fresh fruit a day and so met that goal this week, but that is about the only goal met this week.

Workouts were frustrating this week for me, but in a good way. Up until about a couple weeks ago when we were doing the tougher workouts heart rate was consistently in the 170s and now I can’t even get there. Which in my mind means that I am slacking and need to push harder, but Bryan keeps reminding me that as I get healthier my rate drops and so hitting the 160 occasionally and staying in the 150s through rigorous workouts is good.

Teaching my mind to think that has been a different story. Knowing that I was frustrated with that we did do some harder workouts later in the week that felt good, but I still need to retrain my brain to not focus that reaching that past heart rate states how the workout has gone. Three weeks left to go and with better decisions will still be able to match my remaining goal for the challenge!

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